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Our Story

Kirkwood & Co.

Est. 2019

Kirkwood & Co. started as an that occupied the minds of a small group of local residents and wouldn’t go away until it came to fruition.  Folks that sought to do something that the community wanted and desperately needed: a place to gather with friends and family to enjoy their company, along with good food and drink.  A nice restaurant for Highland and the surrounding communities!

The small group grew in number.  What started as the idea of a few grew to a project supported by 12 investors.  With a serious investment of time, ideas, labor and money, and the assistance of the local bank, community members, consultants and other professionals, the concept eventually became reality, a structure built with wood, brick and mortar, to include all the other things required to provide for a first-class facility, located in the heart of downtown Highland,.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve our small-town Kansas community and always strive to be better…we welcome your feedback.  It is a source of pride and pleasure to be able to provide this service closer to home.  We say “Thank You” to all of our customers for their support and hope to continue providing good food, drink and service for many years to come!